Nathan (vovat) wrote,

The Real Moogles

One archetype that you really can't get away from in the world of fantasy video games is that of the hopelessly cute sort of creature. Hey, Pokémon is pretty much entirely made of them. In the Final Fantasy universe, this role is filled by Moogles, little creatures that look sort of like pink and white teddy bears with tiny bat wings.

Moogles first show up in FF3, and make appearances in almost every later FF game, as well as some related titles like Secret of Mana. They can communicate through telepathy, and are known to have other magical skills as well. The animals are generally friendly, and while sometimes shy among humans, have been known to assist mankind by delivering messages, setting up safe houses, and the like. In FF6, there's a playable Moogle named Mog, who speaks in human language (most of them just make squeaky sounds transliterated as "kupo"), can perform dances with magical effects, and bosses around a yeti. Oddly enough, FF7 refers to the entire species as "Mogs." You'd think the translators would be more consistent in this respect, but a possible explanation is that Moogles are basically just the stuff of legend in the FF7 world. There's a Summon that calls a live Moogle riding on a Chocobo, but otherwise they're only seen in video games and stuffed toys (including the one incorporated in the Cait Sith robot). So maybe the archaeologists who have researched Moogles don't realize that "Mog" was the name of an individual rather than the species. Hey, it's possible, right?
Tags: final fantasy, video games

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