Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-06-2009

  • 08:08:39: I heard a radio commercial today for Bank of America. Yeah, I want to put my money in a bank that just lost a whole bunch of it!
  • 17:37:09: I tried to give a chicken to the government, only to find out that the program wasn't actually "Cash for Cluckers."
  • 17:44:56: @oz_diggs The picture of Professor Nowitall?
  • 17:50:08: @JaredofMo Why not a personal injury masseuse?
  • 17:51:33: I ended up with the song "The Execution of All Things" on my MP3 player twice. I usually just listen to it twice, as it's a cool song.
  • 17:52:30: Why does my MP3 player have so much trouble playing both audio channels at once?
  • 20:03:12: @TarynAria Then they'll just think you're Welsh.
  • 23:08:29: If you tell people what to think AND ask for 10% of their income, why should you also have tax-exempt status?

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