Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 08:14:12: Do the ladies find Mr. Clean attractive, or just useful?
  • 13:57:48: In my dream last night, @NowIsStrange and I were staying at a hotel where @huggythuggy was also supposed to be, but she didn't show up.
  • 13:58:30: I wonder if I should come up with an index post for my LiveJournal. I have several recurring themes on there, after all.
  • 14:00:34: Is there anywhere in America you can actually find purple mountains or alabaster cities?
  • 14:07:27: I hear that the National Forest Service is considering repealing their "don't axe, don't fell" policy.
  • 14:09:29: Why would you need to bring a concealed weapon into a national park? So you can shoot Yogi when he tries to steal your pic-a-nic basket?
  • 14:09:44: If you were to do that, Boo-Boo would be distraught!
  • 14:10:14: I know the Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings, but which is the one ring to rule them all?
  • 14:13:37: @TarynAria Where's a hobbit when you need one?
  • 14:20:18: @JaredofMo Personally, I worship ferries. Anything that can take me across a body of water without my feet getting wet MUST be divine!
  • 14:20:50: Those were some good Bertucci's leftovers.
  • 14:21:24: Damn it, LiveJournal! Stop going down!
  • 14:43:53: It's crazy how, in the demo tape version of TMBG's "The Day," they left in the sound of the tape stopping.
  • 15:06:12: I just knocked a stack of CDs onto the floor. I hope those unlabeled ones that cracked weren't anything important.
  • 15:10:33: I sometimes think spammers should be shot without trial. Especially the really lazy ones who just spam everyone with no research.
  • 15:11:35: Of course, as a firm believer in due process, I couldn't REALLY support that.
  • 16:55:01: @TGWTG Only three humans? How many monkeys got it, then?
  • 16:56:46: Attention, little girls! The Best Kept Secret Farm is giving away a free pony!
  • 16:57:44: When Neko Case sings "This Little Light," how come she doesn't include the "Hide it under a bushel? NO!" part?
  • 19:25:14: Why would anyone WANT to claim haggis as their own?
  • 19:26:23: There's no chin under Chuck Norris' beard, just...a list of right-wing fundamentalist talking points.
  • 19:39:06: Obama is the Antichrist!
  • 19:40:09: Seriously, that guy's word games are worse than those of Adam West's Batman. To the Christmobile!
  • 20:12:13: @twobitme Lollapalooza still exists? I thought that went out with the .com bubble.
  • 20:17:12: @oz_diggs I think the amount of book-related material on the Internet has fortuitously increased in recent years.
  • 20:18:51: @3x1minus1 You'll change your mind when you have a kid. :P
  • 20:22:05: @JaredofMo I'm just going to go through life assuming I'm the Antichrist. If I'm wrong, that's all the better, isn't it?
  • 20:23:36: @poisonyoulove No, GI Joe is government-run, so the Republicans and Blue Dogs wouldn't approve.
  • 20:54:55: We're off to Atlantic City, but I don't know that we'll be doing any gambling.

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