Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 00:15:53: @miscellaneaarts Remove the word "latch," and that sentence takes on a whole new meaning!
  • 08:09:51: Heard a commercial for some experimental drug that's supposed to reduce alcohol dependence. So alcoholics should become pill poppers?
  • 08:15:45: Can the people who talk about "small government" ever actually agree on which parts of the government are unnecessary?
  • 08:16:31: I hear that the winners of this year's Teen Choice Awards are Surliness, Hating Your Parents, and Staying Out All Night.
  • 08:17:21: It is a sad sign that one of the trending topics is "Friendfeed Cialis $1." I think that means the spammers have won.
  • 14:02:27: Why is there no store number on this Dunkin' Donuts receipt? I need it for the survey!
  • 14:12:53: @michaelianblack But doesn't everyone at the DMV do that?
  • 14:15:12: @miscellaneaarts Eh, I'm pretty used to off-color humor on mine. That's what happens when you follow people like @michaelianblack.
  • 14:18:17: @huggythuggy Because the Bible also says that the uninsured deserve to die. It's in Paul's third letter to the Republicans.
  • 14:19:05: @huggythuggy Health care would have been a waste for him. He had magical healing powers, remember?
  • 14:19:56: @oz_diggs Better steer clear of your blog, then! {g}
  • 14:20:30: RT @oz_diggs There are kalidahs on my blog.
  • 14:21:03: There are actually some on mine, too.
  • 16:47:59: Dr. Oz kind of scares me.
  • 20:50:50:
    Lakshmi rides a ham sandwich for Burger King.
  • 23:44:24: The Simpsons staff defended the jockey elf thing as something that a lot of other shows did later, listing South Park as an example.
  • 23:44:46: I think the problem is that South Park was never supposed to be realistic, while The Simpsons was at one point.
  • 23:45:20: And Matt Groening said he liked the magic jockeys, even though he was vocal about not liking to see General Sherman wink.
  • 23:48:20: @3x1minus1 Wait, nobody sings in the commercials, do they?

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