Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-12-2009

  • 08:10:02: I hate it when my computer resets and the web browsers forget what tabs I had open.
  • 08:15:15: @eehouls I'm guessing it has something to do with the plan being instituted by a black guy.
  • 08:16:26: I think gravity has it in for me. Or for my CDs, anyway.
  • 08:17:53: Animals are always hiding in my room. And they tend to reveal themselves after I've closed the door.
  • 13:27:56: It's odd that people can paint Obama as a naive optimist when they seem to believe the insurance industry has their interests at heart.
  • 13:29:17: I don't think either political party has the monopoly on cynicism, though. And that's probably a good thing.
  • 13:57:56: I wonder if there's ever going to be a box set of the direct-to-DVD Futurama releases.
  • 13:58:52: @eehouls Because universal health care means you'll have to quarter troops in your house!
  • 14:26:30: Why does Liz Phair write so many lyrics about headaches? Is she particularly prone to them?
  • 14:50:26: PZ Myers visits the Creation "Museum"
  • 15:05:40: @miscellaneaarts But I hated summer camp enough when I was a kid!
  • 15:13:10: I have an optometrist's appointment tomorrow. I sure hope I have to fill out another pointless form!
  • 17:45:27: I prefer talking about things to doing things. I guess I'm not atypical in this respect.
  • 20:23:33:
    Rip-off characters
  • 20:24:03:
    Things movie trailers need to stop doing
  • 23:12:46: Compared to MSNBC, CNN just seems so mild and moderate. I guess I LIKE liberal media bias.
  • 23:26:15: Shouldn't what's humane matter more than how much it will cost? It's amazing how many Americans value money over people.
  • 23:26:42: Guess what? If there aren't any people, there isn't going to be any money, either. It only has the value we assign to it, after all.
  • 23:28:14: I guess it seems to me that, regardless of the problems it might have, universal health care is the only moral option.
  • 23:30:32: RT @3x1minus1 - techhie diffies on msnbc
  • 23:40:26: Come on, "Chris Christie" has to be a stage name, right?
  • 23:47:41: Would Trader Joe qualify as a real American hero?
  • 23:55:05: What could be greater than golf with a gator?

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