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From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 08:04:50: When you think about it, "Don't Wake Daddy" is a pretty disturbing idea for a board game.
  • 08:14:44:
    A book on the Muhammad cartoons won't include the actual cartoons.
  • 08:16:47: Last night, I heard that the guy who killed Dr. Tiller refused to pay his child support.
  • 08:17:06: I guess he's one of the growing crowd of people who believe life begins at conception...and ends at birth.
  • 08:18:01: Don't worry. Don't bring yourself down. Don't let your mind chase you like a hound.
  • 08:19:28: A corporate merger is a "stratospheric journey."
  • 08:20:22: Had a dream that I was explaining the plot of "The Giant Horse of Oz," except it included Mario characters and an optometrist.
  • 08:21:28: People DO wear glasses in Oz, so I have to wonder if there are optometrists there. I think the one in my dream worked for King Cheeriobed.
  • 11:51:16: Some dream that took place in a garage involved my dad getting a car stuck at the bottom of some stairs, and my being hired to clean up.
  • 11:54:41: @themall Did he hear that's where he could find the best hookers?
  • 12:31:25: I also had a dream about being a missionary, despite not being convinced of the truth of the religion I was preaching.
  • 13:12:06: I've always thought it a bit odd that there's a poem in a Thompson Oz book that ends with the line, "We'll all be slaughtered in our beds."
  • 13:12:29: Of course, Baum himself came up with, "To cut me don't hurt, for I've no blood to squirt."
  • 13:41:37: You know, if prostitution were legalized, it might make hookers less of a target for serial killers. And it would please Pat O'Brien!
  • 13:45:28: Now you think you're sad, but you never have been sad.
  • 13:53:18: Has anyone seen any "ask me" buttons recently? Maybe John Flansburgh got over his shyness and actually DID burn them.
  • 14:07:31: I'm not totally comfortable with the expression "the customer is always right." Does that include the customers who switch price tags?
  • 14:11:24: Bad rumors tend to stick in our heads even when they're obviously not true. I still think of gerbils in association with Richard Gere.
  • 14:12:44: That's part of why the death panel talk is effective. The simple thought that Obama's plan is controversial is enough to arouse suspicion.
  • 14:39:51: A comic book about animal feed. Now I've seen everything!
  • 14:43:56: Why am I always on a plane or a fast train?
  • 15:43:58: I didn't even know "Les Paul" was a person's name. I thought it was just a brand name, like "J. Crew" or something.
  • 15:44:30: The optometrist visit was quick and painless. I'm apparently slightly nearsighted, but I don't need glasses yet.
  • 19:12:14: Our waitress at Friendly's looked like Sarah Palin. Maybe it WAS her, forced into the food service industry because of all those lawsuits.
  • 19:41:57: You Suck at Craigslist
  • 21:44:20: Is "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" actually about Lady Gaga?
  • 21:55:22: Jimmy Olsen gets married, and Superman turns into a mole.

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