Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-14-2009

  • 08:06:59: If no one on the corner has swagga like MIA, does that mean someone in the middle of the block might?
  • 08:08:02: Heard about a web page that mentioned praying for Obama's death. Didn't a little girl get in trouble for saying that about Bush?
  • 08:09:24: Michael Vick is now playing for Philadelphia? Better keep my dogs away from Lincoln Financial Field!
  • 08:16:00: @JaredofMo Considering that he's from Colorado, probably neither. But of the two, I'd probably go with the Scot.
  • 08:16:58: @amandapalmer If it was built by Calvinists, then the performance there must have been predestined.
  • 08:17:52: @JaredofMo So she's kind of like Kenny from South Park?
  • 08:19:10: @jfruh Maybe that's who the Britney Spears song "If U Seek Amy" is actually about. The spelling of "fuck" is just a mislead.
  • 08:22:00: @eehouls Actually, I think being jaded keeps you alive longer.
  • 08:22:24: @MarzGurlProd But I ALREADY hate the human race!
  • 08:24:07: It's V-J Day. Does that mean we should celebrate the announcers on MTV?
  • 11:53:20: Another dream of mine involved eating contests between cats and mice, or something like that.
  • 18:41:19: Origins of the death panel idea
  • 18:42:48: RT @jlbellwriter Tim Holman's chart of most popular elements on 2008 UK fantasy novel covers:
  • 19:56:19: I'm glad dogs don't run the country. They're too obsessed with hierarchy.
  • 20:11:34: As much as I like the first Dresden Dolls album, I sort of think it runs out of steam after "The Jeep Song."
  • 20:21:34:
    The Lumber Gibbon is a ruthless overlord.
  • 21:21:50: There's probably no easy way to hook up an old hard drive to a new computer, is there? Seems to me I've done it once before, though.
  • 21:34:13: @JaredofMo I meant without having to open the new computer.
  • 21:34:28: @JaredofMo No, I've already removed the hard drive from the old computer.
  • 22:05:58:
    The Evolution of Bowser
  • 22:10:03: OMG, you just killed the baby Jesus!
  • 23:40:25: @samuraifrog I've never quite understood people who constantly follow and un-follow other people's blogs. It seems so flighty.
  • 23:42:51: RT @alyankovic Public Service

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