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Take a trip on a rocketship, the sea is the sky

Yes, yet another concert tonight, but I don't think we have plans to go to any others anytime soon. This time, it was Tori Amos at the Tower Theater, which is a fine venue, but rather obnoxiously located. I have to drive all the way across Philadelphia to get to it. At least it only cost $10 to park the car. The opener was a British band called An Eskimo (not to be confused with An Horse), and they weren't very interesting. Tori came out at about 9, wearing a shiny blue dress (which helped me see her from the balcony {g}), and played for about two hours. She did less talking and improvisational bits than she'd done in earlier shows, instead pretty much just doing one song after another. I believe it was the first time I'd heard "Flying Dutchman" live, and I like that song, so that was definitely cool. Other enjoyable inclusions in the set were "Black Dove," "Hotel," "Past the Mission," and "Big Wheel" (which was her closer). bethje mentioned after the show that Tori played "China," "Northern Lad," and "Your Cloud," which were all her least favorites from their respective albums. I actually like "China," but it's not exactly a riveting live song.

Also today, Beth and I went to her cousin's fifth birthday party, ate at IHOP, purchased a new collar for Reagan (the cat), and got take-out drinks at a McDonald's that was out of iced coffee. And that's about it, really.
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