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Where Psycho Killers Reunite

First of all, happy birthday to carvinkeeper12!

bethje and I attended the thirteenth Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill today. This time, we didn't visit the dealer room at all, but simply stayed in the ballroom where the panels were held. Here's a brief rundown of what we saw:

  • Dan Braun talking about bringing back Creepy magazine (which was actually a comic, but published as a magazine so as not to have to conform with the Comics Code)
  • Another panel with stars from this year's Friday the 13th remake. I'm not sure why Monster-Mania has been promoting this movie so heavily; it's not like it was very good.
  • A reunion panel with three stars from the first Halloween (P.J. Soles, Will Sandin, and Tony Moran)
  • A session with the writer/director/producer and some of the stars from Sleepaway Camp, which we just watched a few months ago
  • Adam West, who, among other things, mentioned having just seen The Dark Knight, and wondering why Christian Bale sounds like he has breathing problems while wearing the Batman suit
  • Friday the 13th, Part 5 reunion, with the director and some of the stars, including the people who played Junior and his mom
  • A panel with actors from werewolf movies, none of which I had seen
  • John Landis and David Naughton, officially there for An American Werewolf in London. While they did get a fair number of questions on the movie (another one I haven't seen), Landis' most interesting stories were about his directing the "Thriller" video.

It was fun, but I couldn't help feeling restless about staying in the same place for so long. Yet I have no problem sitting at my computer for hours on end, so what's with that?

If you're interested in seeing pictures of this event, you can do so here.
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