Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 08-23-2009

  • 01:01:29: @Clamanity There IS a place right across the street called the Famous King of Pizza, but I've never eaten there.
  • 15:05:44: I had a dream that @alyankovic had done a collaboration with the Angry Video Game Nerd. If only this were true.
  • 15:22:46: Not so cool was the dream where my dad refused to take me home from somewhere we were staying.
  • 15:48:58: The Sunnis and Shiites are actually starting Ramadan at the same time this year.
  • 17:44:23: Misogyny, Murder, and Mass: The John Calvin Story
  • 18:35:11: Woman gets plastic surgery to look like Nefertiti
  • 21:48:07: @eehouls Why not make banana bread, then?
  • 21:51:38: @TheRealTavie Beth gives good footrubs, except when she decides to mess with my nails instead.

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