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  • 08:03 Happy 57th birthday, Pee-Wee Herman! #
  • 08:28 @NowIsStrange I'll bet it was produced by Simon Cowell. #
  • 08:31 @themall I wouldn't know about that. Mr. T already ate mine years ago. #
  • 08:39 Why are there no classical music stations with wacky morning shock jocks? #
  • 08:41 Photo: Since it was the seventies, did the black guy speak in jive? mudwerks: #
  • 08:42 Did Barbie's parents really have four daughters and no s
    ons, or do you just not hear about the boys for whatever reason? #
  • 08:42 And what's with the name "Skipper" for their second daughter? Did they have high hopes for her to take on a nautical career? #
  • 08:44 Photo: The follow-up to the highly successful “Painting for Wackjobs” mudwerks: #
  • 11:13 Video: I’ve seen King Vitaman in cereal aisles before, but I never knew anything about the character.  It... #
  • 11:34 My new restaurant idea: Griddle-Earth, a Tolkien-themed pancake house #<
  • 11:37 Photo: I think this might actually be an acceptable answer in a fair number of private schools. samuraifrog:... #
  • 14:48 It's funny how most of the Mac users I know seem more like John Hodgman than Justin Long. #
  • 17:41 Link: Is This Nessie Spotted on Google Earth? - (via samuraifrog) #
  • 18:07 RT @comicgoodness Fail Whales Vet Checkup did not go well..... #comics #
  • 18:26 @sarah_haskins Hey, at least they're honest! #
  • 18:28 @NowIsStrange I would think @therealtavie would like Hodgman, since he kind of reminds me of Dave Foley. No one else sees it, though. #
  • 18:30 @JaredofMo Have you heard about the stage adaptation with the rocketship and the skeletal butler? #
  • 18:32 I saw a car with a picture of Obama in Joker makeup, and the caption "New World Order." #
  • 18:33 I think anyone who uses the term "New World Order" when not referring to pro wrestling might be a douche. But I've been wrong before. #
  • 18:56 How many of you
    actually use the "favorite" option? #
  • 19:57 @oz_diggs Have you drawn the Wogglebug yet? #
  • 19:58 @JaredofMo Yeah, if you click the star to the right of a post, it lists it as one of your favorites. #
  • 19:59 @3x1minus1 I've looked at some people's, but not everyone's. #
  • 20:08 @oz_diggs What about the Frogman? #
  • 21:44 Video: Yeah, I think I’d watch this, too. thedailywhat:
  • 22:24 So THAT'S how the Butter Bridge in Super Mario World got its name! #
  • 22:26 The next project from Square Enix is AARPG, the first role-playing game where every character is over 55. #
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