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Halloween in August

Today, bethje and I went to see Rob Zombie's version of Halloween II. Unlike many people, I actually liked his original Halloween remake. (Wait, is "original remake" an oxymoron?) Zombie's movies are rather brutally and disturbingly violent, but also seem more realistic and atmospheric than a lot of horror films. This one wasn't as good as the film it's a sequel to, though. While the earlier one was quite straightforward, this one had a few too many "it was only a dream" fake-outs, making it a bit harder to follow. I still don't quite understand how it ended. And Michael Myers' dreams of his mother seemed a little too much like Friday the 13th mixed with Lord of the Rings. I know they explained the white horse thing at the beginning, but every time I saw it, I couldn't help thinking of Tolkien-style elves. I thought Dr. Loomis' being a callous jerk, while not in keeping with his characterization from the original films (and, really, he was the highlight of every Halloween film he was in, at least as far as I'm concerned), worked as an alternate interpretation of the character. When I saw Malcolm McDowell talk about the part at a convention, he said that he'd never watched the original movie, and based on Zombie's script, he viewed Loomis as an incompetent fame-seeker. Also, it's hard to go wrong with an appearance from Weird Al.

By the way, on my way to the movies, I found out that I have to renew my car registration. I thought I wouldn't have to since I bought a new car, but apparently it goes by the license plate rather than the actual vehicle. So I'll have to take care of that tomorrow. Bleh.
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