Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Monday Morning Miscellanea

1. While writing this post, I thought about how common it is for people who accept one belief system without thinking will often be the harshest critics of others. Look at Jack Chick talking about Islam, for instance. And for an example with more modern relevance, take the people who are always going on about how you can't trust the "liberal media," yet have no problem with anything Bill O'Reilly says, even when he contradicts himself. In a way, they're right. You shouldn't implicitly trust the mainstream media, or the government, or the Bible, or the Quran. But that doesn't mean you should just find alternatives that you DO totally believe. The thing is, I'm in favor of skeptical attitudes, but I think some of your Fox News viewers and the like don't really HAVE skeptical attitudes. Rather, they're so keen on false dichotomies that they feel that one news network or holy book is entirely right, and another entirely wrong. That doesn't mean I think you should consider every opinion equally valid, which often seems to be what the mainstream media want to do. No, Sarah Palin's death panel fantasies don't deserve equal time with ACTUAL coverage of the health care debate, any more than Creationism deserves to be taught in science classes.

2. The "bromance" concept is pretty popular in the film industry these days, isn't it? I guess it's just not something that appeals to me, because I've never really had guy friends. I've had friends who were guys, but not friends I did Guy Things with. Honestly, guys' guys kind of make me uncomfortable.

3. Are celebrity crushes more of a girl thing than a guy thing? I think the stereotypical view might be that girls can have fairly intense crushes on famous people, while guys just want to have sex with them, but I don't think that always actually holds up. Still, from the not at all scientific sample I've seen, it looks to be more men who say, in essence, "I don't like whatever it is that she does, but I'd still bang her!" For me, it's kind of difficult to separate the two. That can also work the other way, though, and I often find myself attracted to people whose work I do admire, physically as well as mentally. It's sometimes at least partially sexual, but not always. I mean, I think I have a certain level of attraction to Andy Partridge, but being a straight male, I wouldn't want to shag him. I don't know. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to draw the line, especially when you only know someone through a public persona.

4. I don't think I agree that pizza and sex are both at least pretty good even when they're not THAT good. For instance, I don't like pizza with onions on it. And while I haven't tried it, I imagine I wouldn't like sex with onions, either.

5. Happy birthday to themall, and happy belated birthday to revme!
Tags: food, politics, religion
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