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Dinner and a Movie

bethje and I saw Inglourious Basterds tonight, and I have to say I liked it. Brad Pitt did a good job as a crazy Southern lieutenant (who speaks Italian with a really bad accent at one point), and I think the odd mixture of brutal violence and humor that Quentin Tarantino tends to put into his movies works well. I'm not sure why he's such a big supporter of Eli Roth, but nobody's perfect.

The movie theater was offering free Bloomin' Onions at the Outback, so we went there to eat after the film. Unfortunately, I don't like fried onions (or most kinds of onions, really), so the promotion wasn't of much benefit to me. It's been years since I last ate there, and my old standby, the Jackeroo Chops (yeah, that was what they called their pork chops), were no longer on the menu. In fact, it looks like they largely dropped the goofy Australian-themed names, although a few still remain. Come on, Outback, don't deny your roots as a gimmicky themed restaurant! Well, I guess they really haven't, since they still have boomerangs everywhere. The bread is still really good, though, and I also liked the pasta dish that I had. Beth had the Alice Springs Chicken, which I might have next time I go back there, assuming they still offer it by then.
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