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  • 00:18 "I'm a man that's attracted to young women. God forbid!" -Some sex offender on Lockup #
  • 00:24 If someone following me is following a whole bunch of other people but hardly has any followers, I usually assume they're a spammer. #
  • 01:05 @jlbellwriter But I'll be 32 this year, and I don't think I know that many people! #
  • 14:40 @huggythuggy No, I think true communism as described by Marx doesn't HAVE presidents. #
  • 14:41 @huggythuggy Those people are so transparent that it's just absurd. #
  • 14:42 @willmatheson Unfortunately, they miss the other important part of the "celebrity look," which is that someone has to know who they are. #
  • 14:52 Eating a burger stretches my stomach. Eat more food, then I'm hungry again. #
  • 15:01 @intrnlbleeding At least they're ahead of Fox News, who have a special on whether you can get sick from a viral video. (Their answer: yes) #
  • 17:53 Photo: Since it wasn’t the USSR until they got rid of the monarchy, that’s not saying much. #
  • 17:58 Photo: mudwerks: #
  • 18:01 Photo: I like this, but I have to wonder why the artist bothered to stick Grimm in the lower left-hand... #
  • 18:18 @JaredofMo But I thought the Devil only wore Prada. #
  • 18:22 @CGCassimus "I am the Earl of Preston." "And I am the Duke of Ted." #
  • 18:45
    5 Facts About Woodstock #
  • 18:54 Video: comicallyvintage: #
  • 19:12 Video: Franken Talks Down Angry Mob #
  • 21:01 @JaredofMo I wonder who on the Narnia movie staff is so obsessed with minotaurs. #
  • 23:02 How is Lady Gaga so friggin' young? #
  • 23:05 Photo: Even before seeing this, I had to wonder if Kanye and Joe Wilson went to the same school of etiquette.... #
  • 23:15 @3x1minus1 If her plan involves singing while running under the direction of her mom, I don't want anything to do with it. #
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