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It wasn't the wrath of God, because He was busy elsewhere

I just learned last week that there was going to be a Minus 5 show at the World Cafe Live, so of course I ended up going there. The lineup was that for the Baseball Project, with Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Steve Wynn, and Linda Pitmon. Weird that I just saw Steve live a few months ago without really knowing anything about him, and I ended up seeing him again not long after that. Anyway, they played some Baseball Project songs, and some of Scott and Steve's own numbers. I actually just got the Baseball Project CD at the show, and I'm not that familiar with Steve's music, but I can say that the Minus 5 songs I remember hearing were "Ambulance Dancehall," "Vintage Violet," "The Dark Hand of Contagion," "Lies of the Living Dead," "Hotel Senator," "Out There on the Maroon," "The Days of Wine and Booze," "The Lurking Barrister," "Aw Shit Man," "Twilight Distillery," and "Tonight You're Buying Me a Drink, Bub," plus "Let the Good Times Crawl" from the new Young Fresh Fellows album. Someone called out for "Retrieval of You," but Scott said they hadn't yet learned how to play it as a group, following that with something like, "It's hard to play even if you DO know it. And for that I blame Jeff Tweedy."

There were no openers or anything, but there was an intermission, during which I purchased two new CDs, the Baseball Project one and a rarities collection that the CDDB currently can't find (and I can't very well add it either, since it has no track list). The band was signing CDs both during the intermission and after the show, and while I didn't get in line soon enough to meet them at the former time, I did at the latter. They were friendly, and I wish I could have thought of something to say at least to Scott, even if it was just to ask whether the Fellows are ever going to tour again (even though I'm pretty sure the answer would have been no), but I get too nervous to do anything other than hand them a CD and thank them for signing it. Steve actually asked me what I was reading, and I showed him, but couldn't really think of how to describe it to him. Normally I could just say the book I'm reading is fantasy, but this one was Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book, and I'm not sure WHAT genre that counts as.

Anyway, I've been listening to the Baseball Project album, and even though I know nothing about sports, the songs are quite enjoyable. I think my two favorites are "Satchel Paige Said" and the one about Harvey Haddix, who pitched twelve perfect innings in at a game in 1959, but missed out on a record because the game went into a thirteenth.

Pictures of the show are up here.
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