Nathan (vovat) wrote,


  • 08:09 Just because you're ALLOWED to turn right on red doesn't mean you HAVE to, does it? #
  • 12:41 @bclevinger Since I don't know her, there's no way I COULD tell her, is there? #
  • 12:42 @JaredofMo Morning or early afternoon for me, I guess. #
  • 12:44 @3x1minus1 Dumb question, but which edition of Monopoly is that? #
  • 12:45 @JaredofMo I should be. #
  • 12:47 @oz_
    Yeah, I can't say I see where there's any libel in that review. #
  • 12:52 @eehouls By buying their cannoli, you're supporting the death panels! Or something like that. #
  • 12:57 @eehouls When I first read that, I thought Jay was asking Miley questions about Star Trek. Now THAT might be worth watching. #
  • 13:17 You know, despite his famous quotation, Kanye actually DIDN'T let Taylor Swift finish. #
  • 13:56 @JaredofMo Use it to mash up some potatoes for soup? #
  • 13:58 Photo:
    Those chickens really ARE pretty vicious. They don’t attack unless you attack them first, though, so I... #
  • 14:50 Photo: I loved “The Phantom Tollbooth” as a kid! prismcell: #
  • 19:34 I just realized that Baum's Master Mariner of the World has the same name as Obama's Portuguese WATER Dog. Coincidence? Probably! #
  • 19:42 Some radio preacher was making the tired point that other people don't believe what he believes because they don't WANT to. #
  • 19:43 Whatever happened to believing what's most likely, rather than what you think is teh kewlest? #
  • 20:21 Photo: Yeah, this was part of the little bit of Leno I watched last night, and I noticed that as well. I have... #
  • 21:10 My topical Barenaked Ladies parody: "Lying in Congress, just like Joe Wilson did." #
  • 21:11 Photo: I’m surprised these kids aren’t running for their lives. mudwerks: #
  • 21:15 Photo: Does that mean Ganon was responsible for devaluing the dollar? thedailywhat: #
  • 21:19 Photo: Gi
    ving Jack Pumpkinhead a new view on life. samuraifrog: #
  • 22:30 Dane Cook, I commend you for trying to put your hyperactivity to a productive use, but I don't think comedy is your thing. #
  • 22:30 Maybe Dane should try giving stock tips. It works for the other famous hyperactive guy. #
  • 22:31 Seriously, what's Dane Cook's appeal? And how can he have such a big audience, yet I don't know a single person who likes him? #
  • 22:32 I mean, for most celebrities I don't like, I usually know at least one or two people who do. Not so for him, unless someone won't admit it. #
  • 22:42 Just how long IS Leno's opening monologue? It seems eternal, but maybe that's just because it's not funny. #
  • 22:45 @3x1minus1 Thanks! #
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