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  • 08:11 It makes me a little uneasy when people talk about "hearing both sides." When you find an issue that has only two sides, you can let me know #
  • 12:10 Why have I been so tired recently? It's not like I've been doing much of anything. #
  • 13:34 @NowIsStrange Only when you do ungodly things with them #
  • 13:40 RT @3x1minus1RT @sarahcastic: megan fox is the worst invention ever -@3x1minus1, quoted for TRUTH. #
  • 14:45 @rainnwilson Because that's where you go when it's on? #
  • 14:47</em> @DVDBoxSet Maybe the ones who don't are just afraid to admit it. #
  • 15:12 Photo: samuraifrog: #
  • 17:44 Photo: Fashion direct from the Mushroom Kingdom! thedailywhat: #
  • 17:48 Photo: I was actually discussing food eating people in my LiveJournal this week (check the comments for more... #
  • 18:15 Photo: This parasite will eat and replace a fish’s tongue.  Found on Unreasonable Faith.
  • 18:20 The President of Somalia is called Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed. Did he figure that putting "Sheik" before BOTH of his names made him cooler? #
  • 19:27 "Sam's Club is Stupid Club." -@NowIsStrange #
  • 19:49 Photo: What the hell kind of slogan was this, Sega? bronz-age: #
  • 20:16 Photo: (via kidskidskids) #
  • 20:33 So the proposed beverage tax WOULDN'T affect diet soda? Well, that's mostly what I drink these days, so I guess I shouldn't worry about
    it. #
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