Nathan (vovat) wrote,


  • 00:02 @NowIsStrange That's why they need to do something to make them LESS angry. #
  • 00:04 @3x1minus1 There's another Flansy somewhere? Not Paxus, I hope! #
  • 00:04 @MarzGurlProd But he's still there? #
  • 08:15 @3x1minus1 Isn't Paxus what John's brother calls himself? I know he's in some weird cult. #
  • 08:16 I make too many references that people don't get. I'm like Dennis Miller, but hopefully less murder-suicide-inducing. #
  • 08:17 And not a Bill O'Reilly/Newt Gingrich fanboy. #
  • 15:17 Video: I’ve never played Golden Axe, but it looks really cool.  I believe my wife has the Genesis version. #
  • 16:29 @miscellaneaarts I'd go, if I lived anywhere near there. #
  • 16:34 Victoria's Secret models should look happier about the underwear they're promoting. #
  • 17:09 Video: Eddie Izzard on Noah’s Flood #
  • 22:39 There's a book
    called "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," and it has nothing to do with Oz? What a gyp! #
  • 22:40 RT @3x1minus1 lol. jimmy carter was asked his opinion on kanye's antics: "his punishment is to appear on the jay leno show." haha carter ftw #
  • 22:52 @eehouls It's probably like when @NowIsStrange forces me to take a sip of her coffee. That and football are both pretty bad. #
  • 22:53 @JaredofMo Bugs Bunny didn't threaten you, did he? #
  • 23:00 Why is it that the books marketed as "Borderlands of Oz" don't technically take place on the borders of Oz, when other Baum fan
    tasies do? #
  • 23:02 @huggythuggy I'm encouraging Jay Leno! Every day, I give him a pat on the back, and say, "You're doing super, big guy!" #
  • 23:31 Do you think Simba and Nala from "The Lion King" were half-siblings? #
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