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Name My Domain

So, LiveJournal is cool in many ways, but I've been thinking (partially at the behest of bethje) that I should get my own domain for blogging. I'm not entirely sure what I'd call it, though. The obvious "" and "" aren't really all that memorable, so I'd welcome any suggestions you might have. I guess I'd mostly want to use the site for my more scholarly posts, although I'm not sure whether I'd count the Oz stuff in that category or not. I mean, I guess it's scholarly, but does it have much mass appeal? I don't know.

One thing I do like about LiveJournal is that there's somewhat of a captive audience. Sure, you can skip my posts, but if you use the friends page you're at least aware that I've written something. Of course, you can now subscribe to a feed of pretty much any blog on Google Reader or a similar application, but is it as common? What I don't really like about LJ is that, while the commenting system is convenient for anyone who has an account, it really isn't for anyone else. And there's the whole image thing, with a memorable domain name probably being more likely to attract new viewers than a LiveJournal page. Any other thoughts on the matter? I don't plan to avoid LJ entirely, but I would like for people other than my LJ friends to read some of my stuff (assuming any of them are interested).
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