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Book Reviews: A Witch in Time

Witch Week - Another in Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci series, this one takes place on a Related World where magic is common but illegal. This confounds the great enchanter, and he has to figure out how such a world came into existence. It turns out that the reason involves Guy Fawkes, but I don't want to give too much away. It's a quite engaging tale, and I like that Diana is doing something different with each new Chrestomanci book, so they don't become too formulaic.

The Master Crafters of Oz - Philip Lewin's sequel to his The Witch Queen of Oz, which introduced Lurline's evil sister Enilrul and the significant role she played in Ozian history. She reappears in this one, but the focus is on a secret society made up of Ozites with creative but non-magical minds, and the history of the mysterious Dr. Nikidik. I appreciate how the society is revealed a little at a time, and while my continuity-obsessed mind isn't too keen on the reveal about Smith and Tinker (both of whom already turned up in earlier apocryphal stories), it's still clever. I found the Dreamland segments a bit superfluous and confusing, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable story, involving bits from many different earlier Oz books.
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