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The Smell of Kool-Aid and Cheap Perfume

One of the most bizarre Atari games that bethje owns is Journey Escape, based on the band Journey. It came out in 1982, the year after the album that inspired its name. Apparently this is the album that includes "Don't Stop Believin'", which has been rather prominent on TV recently due to its being sort of the unofficial theme song for Glee. And yes, the song is in the game, in a crazy eight-bit rendition:

You can read the instructions to the game here. Basically, the goal is to make your way through the crowds to fly away in the scarab-shaped spaceship from the album cover. The item that grants invincibility is identified as the band's manager, but he looks a lot like the Kool-Aid Man. Oh, yeah!
Tags: music, video games

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