Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Snow for Zenobia

I don't mind occasional discussions about the weather, but as of recently I've been hearing way too many conversations that basically boil down to: "Snow snow snow snow snow." "Snow snow snow?" "Snow snow snow snow snow SNOW snow snow snow!" Hey, I'm annoyed at the snow as well, but how much can you really say about it? I particularly love the people who make complaints like, "Isn't one snowstorm enough?" Actually, it's too much, in my own opinion, but what do you think? There's some Snow Bureaucracy that screwed up somewhere along the line, and the auditing department hasn't caught it yet? If nature operated on fairness, explain the Haitian earthquake. (No, I didn't ask YOU, Pat Robertson.) And of course there's that old standby from people who presumably are trying out for jobs as Leno writers: "So much for global warming!" Hey, I don't know all the science involved, but isn't denying global warming because it's cold occasionally sort of like saying there's no economic crisis because you know some people with good jobs? Then again, I've occasionally heard that one as well.

Also, this isn't related to snow, but last week, I found Warwick Goble's picture of Zenobia of Palmyra accompanying this post at Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness. I liked the picture and put it up on Tumblr, and it's gotten the most reblogs and likes of anything I've posted there. Odd how that works out. Also, doesn't "Zenobia" sound like an old-school video game? Maybe just because it's similar to "Shinobi," but it resembles other titles as well. Looking it up, apparently one of the Ogre Battle games that was never released in English has the subtitle "Densetsu no Ōga Batoru Gaiden Zenobia no Ōji," or "Legend of the Zenobia Prince." I've never played any of the Ogre Battle games, but I believe they're fantasy strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics, only predating that series. Anyway, I think a queen who successfully conquered Egypt from the Romans would be a good subject for a video game, right?
Tags: art, history, video games, weather

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