Nathan (vovat) wrote,


  • 13:27 @willmatheson Hey, at least there isn't yet such a thing as "post-modern physics." #
  • 13:42 @thelindsayellis @Nellachronism But since the Vietcong did win, how come there's no VC Day? #
  • 13:45 @JaredofMo Are there any trains that you really DO need fame to ride? Limos, sure, but trains? #
  • 13:47 @NowIsStrange Well, that's not something that's likely to happen this year, is it? #
  • 13:50 @douggpound No,
    "re-doubled" implies it was doubled, then halved, then doubled again. Not the same as quadrupled. #
  • 13:53 @alyankovic Midnight Star #
  • 13:55 @smallVshop Wait, does that mean your shop is made of Lady Gaga's organs stapled together? That's sick! #
  • 13:56 I've never watched Lost, but didn't Godzilla already kill the Smoke Monster? Or was that the Smog Monster? #
  • 13:58 @NowIsStrange @huggythuggy Maybe the fact that he's been watching Leno is why he keeps trying to scratch his eye out. #
  • 14:00 Apparently the snowplow knocked over our mailbox. #
  • 14:01 @aimeemann I just knew he was a famous Portuguese man o' war. #
  • 14:01 I do not care to share the seas with jellyfishes such as these, particularly Portuguese. #
  • 16:20 @3x1minus1 So important, in fact, that my nickname is "Motherboard"! #
  • 16:20 Why did @aimeemann need a Twitter to have private conversations with @PFTompkins? :P #
  • 16:25 I'm making a movie with Carol Channing, Catherine Bell, and Kristen Bell. It'll
    be called "Carol and the Bells." #
  • 16:25 Zoe Bell will be the stunt coordinator. #
  • 16:26 Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. #
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