Nathan (vovat) wrote,

There's a Winter Olympics?

bethje and I didn't watch the cartoon lineup last night due to being out to dinner, but we saw the tape today. Yeah, that's right, we don't have any fancy TiVo or DVR, and we're living like it's still the eighties! But anyway, I thought it was a pretty good batch. While they did a few Olympics-related bits on The Simpsons before, I think this was the first episode centered around the games, and they did a good job with it. There were a few gags that they drew out way too long, like the Curly tryouts, but most of it worked. It was also cool to see some background for Agnes Skinner, although I have to suspect that they keep changing Principal Skinner's back story on purpose. Was the baby who messed up Agnes' pole vault the Seymour Skinner we know, or the supposed real one from "The Principal and the Pauper"? And was Sheldon Skinner from the Hellfish episode Seymour's father or not? I don't think we're ever supposed to know. By the way, Lisa's pin collecting reminded me of this post on Olympic mascots that I read today. It looks like the full-body version of the mascot Bart made was at least partially inspired by the rather disturbing Neve and Gliz.

As for Family Guy, it was interesting to see bonding between Chris and Stewie, which we haven't seen too often in the past. The psychic plot was also good for a few laughs, and there were some amusing cutaway gags. American Dad had a pretty weird story this time, but I enjoyed it. For what it's worth, I don't think Hershey Park actually has a Tunnel of Love, although it DOES have a Kissing Tower. Then again, this was Hershy Park, with only one E, so I guess it would be a little different. {g}
Tags: american dad, cartoons, family guy, simpsons, television

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