Nathan (vovat) wrote,

They should have called it the Above-Ground Normal Road

I had mixed feelings toward tonight's Simpsons episode. I appreciated the story being revealed a little bit at a time, but after the initial setup, it did become somewhat predictable. Not that I could predict all the details, that is, but the general structure followed a rather obvious pattern. Also, while having the familiar characters take on different roles in another time period or setting works fine for Halloween shows and other stories-within-stories, it didn't really sit right for a canonical episode. Overall, I think the premise could have been done a lot better than it was. Still, it was pretty funny in spots, and I did enjoy Abraham Lincoln's brief appearance.

Since I don't typically watch the Cleveland Show and Family Guy was a rerun, that just leaves us with American Dad. I did like tonight's episode, largely due to the Lord of the Rings parody and Roger's portrayal of Gollum. I also appreciated that they built up to the parody by having Steve make several LotR references in the earlier acts.
Tags: american dad, cartoons, simpsons, television

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