Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Gettin' Foxy on Your Ass

We move on from chickens to foxes, turning to the city of Foxville, introduced in The Road to Oz. And discussing Foxville pretty much necessitates also delving into its neighboring city, Dunkiton. These two towns are also located outside of Oz, south of the Great Sandy Waste, but they still have talking animals. Foxville is a quite beautiful and cultured city, full of marble buildings decorated with images of fowl, and with its own theater. The foxes who inhabit the city walk upright, dress in fancy clothes, and are apparently about the size of humans. Their ruler is the bespectacled King Renard IV, who claims that his name is pronounced "with the accent on the 'ren,'" although it seems to me like its derivation from French would suggest otherwise. His private name is Dox, and it's this that his friends usually call him. The Fox King was so impressed by Button-Bright's youthful curiosity and unassuming manner that he magically gave the boy a fox head, which he only managed to change it back by bathing in the Truth Pond.

Thinking of Foxville in combination with this April Fool's joke mentioning Megan Fox playing Dorothy made me think that, if she plays any Oz role (and I'd rather she didn't play any role at all; seriously, what's her appeal?), it should be one of King Dox's daughters. Then again, any new movie would probably make the foxes CGI, so I guess she wouldn't be recognizable. Maybe I should just slip a quick pop culture reference into one of my own stories, with the King having a daughter named Megan who's absurdly skinny. Maybe she's on a no-poultry diet. :P

Anyway, moving on to Dunkiton, it's a much less impressive-looking city than its neighbor. It's made up of low, square houses of whitewashed brick, scattered all over the town. The donkey inhabitants insist that they're intelligent enough not to need an organized city. The donkeys claim to be the smartest creatures in the world, but it's clear that they're somewhat deluded as to how intelligence actually works. They don't attend school because they say they're born wise, so the children are kept occupied in whitewashing the walls. While they do have the ability to read and write, they're not very good at it. Still, they've done pretty well for themselves given their limitations, being able to use their hooves for various tasks that might usually require hands. Unlike the foxes, the only clothes they wear are hats and leg jewelry. The king of the city, Kik-a-bray, seems to be a more accomplished magician than King Dox, using his jeweled staff to make food, among other things. The Donkey King was just as impressed by the Shaggy Man as the Fox King was by Button-Bright, so he followed in Puck's footsteps in giving Shaggy a donkey head.

Ozma invites both of the monarchs to her birthday party, and while their cities are traditional enemies, the kings actually end up getting along very well. Whether or not this leads to improved relations between the foxes and donkeys isn't discussed.
Tags: books, characters, oz
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