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Wash 'Em Up, or Goodbye Blue Monday Mountain

Since it sometimes seems like you can find an Ozian community dedicated to just about anything, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there are a few centered around cleaning. One of these is Monday Mountain, a blue mountain located in the normally yellow Winkie Country, inhabited by washerwomen known as the Tubbies. True to their name, they tend to be overweight. They're ruled by a queen, who has a daughter named Pearl Borax. The Tubbies spend most of their time in washing clothes, and all of their dinner consist of potatoes and cabbage. Live clothes horses can be found on the mountain, and a running fence prevents intrusion or escape. Dorothy and Percy Vere were imprisoned there for a few days during Grampa in Oz, and the mountain was reused for an Oziana story called "Adventures on Monday Mountain."

The next place on the list is Suds, a city where the buildings and people are all made of soap. Peter Brown and Scraps visit this place in The Gnome King of Oz, and they encounter people also known as Suds, who dress in robes and turbans of Turkish toweling. This material grows on trees, and Suds is also home to rubber shower trees and soap bubble bushes.

The ruler is a sultan named Shampoozle, who is made of green soap.

This might actually be one of the few themed towns to receive two visits in canonical books, as Lucky Bucky has Bucky and Davy Jones encounter a place made of soap. They don't encounter Shampoozle and his turbaned subjects, however, but instead a man named Slippery Dick. While I'm sure modern children would have a field day with that name, it's actually a play on the name of a kind of fish. Dick lives in a castle made of Castile soap, and Davy's map identifies the area as "Slippery Dick's Land," so presumably he's a ruler of some sort. Is he a sub-ruler under Shampoozle, or the leader of another soapy community? The Haff/Martin map identifies this place with Suds, and since they're both in the Winkie Country, they're probably both the same, or at least adjacent. While there, Davy becomes totally submerged in a blizzard of talcum powder.

Finally, we come to Cleanitupia, a small area located just in front of the land of Pristinia. As everyone entering Pristinia must be as clean as possible, Cleanitupia and the Bathasphere are used to thoroughly wash any visitors. This job is partially accomplished by a group of sponge-like creatures with brushes on the ends of their legs. Pristinia itself probably isn't worth visiting, as it doesn't appear to have any inhabitants, just a disembodied voice that tells everyone to keep off the grass and otherwise not disturb anything.
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