Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Nothing to Fear But Fear-Fish

Since I did a bit of discussion on sea monsters on Saturday, I might as well continue the theme in this Oz post by writing a bit about Quiberon from The Giant Horse of Oz. This sea monster, who shares his name with a peninsula in western France, was placed by Mombi in Lake Orizon to cut the Ozure Isles off from the mainland. Who's Who in Oz claims that she produced him from her closet. He's described as having "the head scales and talons of a dragon and the long hideous body of a giant fear-fish." At another point in the book, however, he's described as a fear-fish himself. It's never stated exactly what a fear-fish is, but Neill draws the monster with a rather serpentine body. He also has a lock of hair between his horns. Quiberon breathes smoke and fire, and can write in the sky with his smoke, but is capable of speaking in the more usual fashion. When the monster lived in Lake Orizon, he ate the giant sea horses on which the Ozurians had ridden, and kept the people as servants. Eventually, the Wizard of Oz learned about Quiberon, and used magic to petrify the monster.

Some much more pleasant Ozian water dwellers are the Scooters from Lost King, who live on the surface of the Gillikin River. They have ski-like devices attached to their feet and sails on their backs, which enable them to scoot along the water. They tend to be tall, and have moss for hair, which they cover with waterproof hats. When young, they're known as Scoots, and only become full-fledged Scooters when their sails grow. The Scooters are generally friendly and playful, and eat raw fish.
Tags: books, characters, monsters, oz

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