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Regarding tonight's Simpsons episode, while it's certainly not the first time the show ever took a tragic turn, the way they just had the whale die partway through the show seemed a bit more morbid than usual. The pacing was kind of odd as well, as it seemed like they weren't sure where to go with it in the final act, and just threw together something tangentially related to the whale. I did like the Tic-Tac-Toe movie preview at the beginning, though, so that's something.

American Dad continued with its occasional use of absurd humor, but mostly a different style of absurd humor than, say, Family Guy. Aspects like the principal's sandwich addiction, the werewolf showing up on the playground, and the bully who beat up Stan having his own theme song were amusing mostly because they were so outlandish. Pretty good episode overall, although it really seems like they haven't much using much of Klaus recently. Sure, Reginald has his moments, but I don't want him taking over the show as the main animal character.
Tags: american dad, cartoons, simpsons, television
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