Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Going Gaga for Gogo

With all the writing about Final Fantasy VI I've been doing, you'd think I've actually played the game again recently, but such is not the case. It's just that one thing leads to another, and posting about Ultros and Siegfried made me think of another odd character in the game, this time a playable one who actually makes his first appearance in FF5. This is the gender-ambiguous mimic Gogo, who teaches Bartz's party the Mimic job class. The only way to defeat him (I'm going with male pronouns for the sake of convenience, even though we have no idea whether the character is male, female, or neither) is to do nothing, thus mimicking him. If you try attacking, he'll wipe out the party in a few short moves. After the fight in the sunken Walse Tower, Gogo will leave through a magic portal to the Cleft of Dimension.

In FF6, the party encounters Gogo on a small, triangular island known simply as Triangle Island. Well, to say he's "on" the island isn't quite accurate. The island is inhabited by giant worms known as Zone Eaters, which swallow people and thus send them into some kind of pocket universe.

There are a lot of traps in there, as well as green-clad guards who try to knock you off a bridge. My brother referred to the guards as leprechauns, and that stuck with me. Anyway, once you make it through the dungeon, you can recruit Gogo as a member of your party. His skill is in imitating the moves of the last player, which is basically what the Mimic class in FF5 entails.

There has been some speculation as to the identity of Gogo, some of which is discussed here. A popular theory back in the day was that he's actually Setzer's old girlfriend Darill, whose airship crashed on an island similar to the one where Gogo lives. A less popular idea is that he's Emperor Gestahl. I believe much of this speculation came from a time before FF5 had been officially released in English, so perhaps the speculators didn't know the same character had appeared in a previous game. That seems to me to make it less likely that Gogo is a character from earlier in FF6 under an assumed identity, but it's always possible that there's more than one Gogo. After all, with all that clothing, who can tell?

Personally, I'm interested to know if there's any connection between Gogo and Lady Gaga. They seem to have similar fashion sense.
Tags: characters, final fantasy, video games
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