Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Hypnotoad on Ice

Well, bethje got her wisdom teeth taken out on Monday. The doctor said she should go straight to bed after getting back home, but instead she stayed up and yelled at me for a while. And here I was hoping she'd be zonked out! She's doing all right, except her mouth is now more sore than it was then. Don't all those painkillers do anything?

Anyway, here are my thoughts on television:
Penn & Teller's Bullshit: Area 51 - There really wasn't much in this episode that we hadn't seen on the show before. People assume what they want to when they lack evidence, and alien hunting is often just a hobby and way to make friends. They mentioned that we really don't know what goes on at Area 51, but we know the basic idea, which is that they test top secret military aircraft there.

Penn & Teller's Bullshit: Criminal Justice - This one focused on how crooked cops and prosecutors try to sway cases in order to get convictions, rather than actually honoring the "innocent until proven guilty" idea. Kind of scary, really, because if the law is against you with no real evidence, where can you turn? That's why we have checks and balances in place, but they don't always stop innocent people from ending up in the slammer.

Futurama: The Late Philip J. Fry - Another one of the better ones this season, it involves the Professor inventing a time machine that only goes forward, accidentally taking Fry and Bender too far into the future, and trying to find the technology to travel back to their own time. I appreciate that they didn't concentrate overly much on any one era, instead just giving us a glimpse of increasingly more absurd scenarios. I do have to wonder why our protagonists didn't do a little more searching in any of the time periods they visited, but they way they resolved it worked. I guess Fry was wrong in "The Cryonic Woman" about time being a straight line (like he would have known anyway). They probably could have done more with the future of Planet Express, but what we saw was pretty funny. Leela and Cubert getting together, though? That's even more messed up than Amy's relationship with Bender.
Tags: cartoons, futurama, television
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