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Penn & Teller's Bullshit!: Self Esteem - The point basically seemed to be that the obsession with self-esteem has led to ridiculousness and narcissism. In a way I agree, because I'm sick of people asking each other if they're happy. Maybe they were before you forced them to THINK about it! And yes, the life coaches and hypnotherapists are obviously bullshit artists. On the other hand, I know quite a few people with truly low self-esteem that impacts their lives in negative ways. Then again, people who hate themselves can be sometimes be the worst narcissists. I don't know. It's a complex issue, but I share the distaste for people being obsessed with how they're feeling at any given moment. Unless there's an all-consuming issue to deal with, the human brain doesn't really WORK that way.

Futurama: A Clockwork Origin - This one was all right, but I think it became rather light on humor after it reached the evolving robots. The funniest part was at the beginning, with the satire on Creationism. Really, I have to suspect that Creationism will be about as popular in another thousand years as the geocentric universe is today. I kind of think the show works better when it comes up with futuristic equivalents to debates that are going on today (e.g., robot-human marriage and illegal downloading of people) than when it just takes current controversies wholesale into the future. To be fair, they DID imply the discovery of a lot more transitional fossils than we know today. Dr. Banjo's dismissal of these intermediary forms was pretty much exactly what a lot of modern Creationists do. The brief subplot of Dr. Zoidberg taking care of Cubert was pretty funny, as was the appearance of the flying spaghetti monster (who presumably evolved from flightless manicotti).
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