Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Halloween in August

This weekend was the fifteenth Monster-Mania Convention. We'd actually missed the last one, but we attended all of the others, and of course went to this one as well. I was actually able to find a parking space at the hotel this time, which is always a good thing, and an incredibly rare one as well. bethje and I usually don't even bother going into the dealer and autograph rooms anymore. I know those are the main attractions for many guests, but, well, they cost extra. {g} Besides, if you're going to attend the question-and-answer panels, you pretty much need to show up early to get a decent seat. The panels this time included actors from the typical big three franchises highlighted at the convention: Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Other guests included directors Herschell Gordon Lewis and John Carpenter, as well as the casts of Pet Semetary and Boondock Saints. So what does the latter have to do with horror? Damned if I know. Beth and I watched it when we found out it would be featured at the convention, and it wasn't bad, despite being kind of trite. There have been plenty of vigilante movies in the past (hell, I'd say even Batman counts), but I guess what this one brought to the table was vigilantes who were Irish brothers. I don't know. Interestingly, there were a fair number of guests, seemingly mostly female, who apparently showed up just to see the Boondock Saints, so I suppose the convention organizer knew what he was doing. But hey, if you're going to break the horror theme, can't you do it with the stars of non-horror movies that I like? :P Seriously, though, it was enjoyable, but kind of tiring.

After the convention, we had a meal at a nearby Friendly's, where at the next table over were seated what I can only assume were three professional cranky old people. Seriously, their entire conversation was of the "What's wrong with the youth of today?" variety. Topics included whether a Kindle would let you go back and read the book again, whether "phat" was a computer term, text speak, and people sending gifts to other people they don't really know. One of them said something like, "You text someone and give them a sheep," which I can only assume was a reference to Farmville. The thing is, I'm only thirty-two, and I already feel like an old curmudgeon much of the time. But I usually try to keep up on new fads enough that I can at least understand the essentials of how they work. I get the impression that, once you become disdainful of the youth, you start getting things wrong on purpose. That's when you start thinking the kids are gambling with Pokey Man cards, I suppose.
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