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There were a few things that happened this week that are probably worth writing about. First of all, we watched the Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman comedy specials that we'd received from Netflix. Both quite funny, and I think part of why I like Sarah is that she has a similar sense of humor to bethje's. Not exactly, but there are similarities. I guess I kind of have a thing for smart-ass women.

By the way, an interesting bit of trivia is that harmony vocals on Jesus Is Magic are performed by John Flansburgh's wife Robin Goldwasser.

On Thursday, Beth and I went up to Hoboken to visit therealtavie, which was fun. We went out to eat at a Chinese place in town, and later had dinner with Gina. We tried playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which looks great, but definitely takes some adjustment. I mean, I was pretty bad at the Mario games on other systems, but at least I basically knew the controls. The idea of multiple players on the same screen at the same time is pretty interesting, but a bit odd, especially when one character going down a pipe forces the rest to do the same. It's the controller shake that really gets me, though.

Also, we met Hannah and her man Jacob. Actually, I think I'd seen her on the subway before, but we didn't meet properly. In fact, I think that might have been the first time I saw Tavie, and we didn't really meet that time either. We got back home around midnight, which means we missed the new Futurama episode. They're rerunning it on both Sunday and Thursday, so hopefully I'll manage to catch it on one of those days. Sometimes Comedy Central's habit of rerunning the crap out of new episodes works to our advantage.

Friday evening was the Scissor Sisters concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

I'd just gotten back from my Wal-Mart orientation, so I really didn't feel like going anywhere, but I'm glad I did. Beth is the bigger Scissor Sisters fan, and she'd seen them live before, but they put on a great, energetic show. I also didn't realize before seeing her live how cute their female singer Ana Matronic was.

It looks like she got married to a guy in April, which I guess means she's the straight member of the band, but she says she immersed herself in gay culture because her father was gay. Jake Shears removed items of clothing a few times, and the encore was accompanied by cannons that fired out $3 bills as well as more ordinary confetti.

The opener was Casey Spooner from the band Fischerspooner, who sang songs from his solo record with a backing track. Based on an image search, Casey apparently changes his hair a lot, but last night he was sporting a Morrissey-type hairstyle, which worked well for him.
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