Nathan (vovat) wrote,

We Shall Undercome

This week was pretty uneventful, although I guess working for the first time in a while counts for something. It's not very interesting, though. bethje and I were going to go to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, but she had the audacity to get sick! Can you believe that? :P No, seriously, she's getting better, but we don't know when we might try that outing again. I had to return the books I'd checked out from the library before I'd finished them, which kind of sucks. I'll have to check them out again if I ever go back to that library. Also, here's a Futurama review.

Futurama: The Mutants Are Revolting - The hundredth episode of Futurama is marked by the hundredth delivery by Planet Express, the length of time it took to get this far being alluded to with Hermes' comment about averaging only ten deliveries per year. Really, that's kind of difficult to accept, even if we're only counting deliveries made with the current crew, but that's a minor gripe. They also made a potentially significant change with the sewer mutants being granted the right to come above ground. I have to suspect it's not going to change the status quo that much, as most of the mutants might well remain in the sewers because it's the only life they know, but it does open the potential for new stories involving them. Good episode overall, and a good way to end the season (such as it is). They're airing a new one in December, right?
Tags: cartoons, futurama, television
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