Nathan (vovat) wrote,

It's Too Hot Today

Holy Helios, the heat as of late has just been ridiculous! I guess I'm lucky I don't live any farther south. It sort of makes me just want to sit around in the car all day, since at least that has air conditioning. That would be a waste of gas, though, and besides I don't have a computer in there. Yet. It's getting to be about time where I should probably get a new computer anyway, since this one is so slow now. I'm still not sure whether a desktop or a laptop would be preferable, though. I've never had the latter before, and I've had a hard time adjusting to the keyboard when I HAVE worked on laptops, but I'm sure that comes with time. Any suggestions?

I've had a few weird dreams recently. One of them started out as another where I was back in the college dorms for some reason, which is a frequently recurring theme. My room kept changing, and I remember a lot of the dream simply being my worrying about having to pack up everything and go back home. Toward the end, however, the whole thing changed into some movie where a girl pushed her teacher's car off a bridge because she hadn't finished an assignment. The teacher had his entire family in the car, too. Kind of morbid, huh? And in last night's dream, I was making plans to fly somewhere, but eventually I realized that this wasn't practical because I'd never asked for the time off work. Speaking of work, there was another part where I was trying to see if I still had a temp job for which I'd just stopped showing up, and an interview at some arcade and used video game store. Also, I'd driven some guy to the airport and forgotten all about him, so we ended up going to the train station in Philadelphia to get some lunch. And I got a cell phone call from someone identified as "Alison from work." I don't actually work with an Alison, at least as far as I know. But when the planet hit the sun, I saw the face of Alison.

Next, I have a Futurama episode to review, so I might as well do that.

Yo Leela Leela - The basic idea for this episode, that Leela creates a cheesy but successful kids' show that turns out to be the actual goings-on of a group of cheesy inhabitants of another planet, was pretty good. Still, I don't feel that there was much to it other than that. The inhabitants of Rumpledy-Hump were amusing enough to carry the episode pretty well, though, and I appreciated the return of Abner Doubledeal. I think this is actually the first time his name was mentioned in the show itself, although it was previously given in the commentary for "A Leela of Her Own," in which he was the owner of the New New York Mets.

I also feel I should mention that I have a review of the new They Might Be Giants album at my WordPress. I know I have a lot of TMBG fans as LiveJournal friends, so some of you might be interested in reading that. Have any other albums come out recently that might interest me? I know there's a Fountains of Wayne one coming out sometime next month or so, and I'm planning on placing an order for the new Ditty Bops album.
Tags: albums, cartoons, dreams, futurama, television, tmbg

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