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The Greatest Kingdom in the Stratosphere

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18 November 1977
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I'm lousy at initiating conversation. I like to read, and I spend way too much time on the Internet. That's probably about all I have to say about myself that can't be deduced from elsewhere on this page or in my journal entries themselves. I do welcome comments from anyone. Okay, "welcome" isn't exactly the right word. "Crave" is more like it, really. If I don't know you, it's nice if you could tell me how you found my journal, but it's not strictly necessary. I mostly write on my WordPress these days, but I'll still occasionally post here.
8-bit theater, aimee mann, al franken, allan sherman, amusement parks, animal crossing, april march, arrested development, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben folds five, blur, board games, bob odenkirk, books, bwoop bwoop, camper van beethoven, captain n, carolyn mark, cartoons, cats, chrono trigger, concerts, cracker, dali, dave barry, david cross, decemberists, discworld, douglas adams, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dresden dolls, eric shanower, erin mckeown, escher, fairy tales, family guy, fantasy, fastbacks, final fantasy, flanders and swann, fountains of wayne, frank black, frankblack.net, franz ferdinand, futurama, harry potter, history, hypnotic clambake, james kochalka, john r. neill, john waters, kelly hogan, kids in the hall, kurt bloch, kurt vonnegut, l. frank baum, laura cantrell, lemony snicket, lewis carroll, libraries, magnetic fields, maps, mega man, minus five, mix cd's, monty python, moxy fruvous, mr. show, muckafurgason, music, mythology, narnia, neko case, nellie mckay, nes, new pornographers, nintendo, nursery rhymes, oz books, pixies, pizza, rasputina, reading, religion, rilo kiley, roller coasters, ruth plumly thompson, satire, scott mccaughey, seinfeld, sgt. major, skepticism, sloan, stella, stephin merritt, sugarplastic, super mario bros., surrealism, talking heads, terry pratchett, the ditty bops, the last car, the monkees, the pipettes, the posies, the simpsons, the sims, they might be giants, tom lehrer, tori amos, video games, weird al yankovic, words, writing, xtc, young fresh fellows, zelda

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